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Whilst working at Omni-Digital, my first bonafide project was 1610, who approached us in need of a redesign to refresh their online hub that serves their multiple gym facilities and leisure centers.

1610 is a not for profit leisure trust, dedicated to delivering excellence in leisure, health and wellbeing, based in beautiful Somerset, operating out of 11 facilities across Devon, Dorset, and Somerset.

All front-ends at Omni Digital are built using a Stylus-based, gulp-built front-end framework called Tenet, which is intended for use by designer developers as "a practical starting point for designing and building large-scale web frontends".

I used Tenet to design the 1610 site in-browser, in adherence to a design guide provided to us by 1610. These initial in-browser sketches were used to get sign-off, and were then developed into more fully-functioning blocks. These blocks were then passed to a back-end developer who plugged them into the business logic of the site, and plumbed them into the CMS (Wagtail).

It was an interesting workflow, and the front-end framework Omni uses has many cool features that other frameworks would definitely benefit from adopting.

Since launch, we’ve experienced a 25% increase in targeted website traffic, seen a drop in bounce rates and received excellent customer feedback.Head of Marketing at 1610

Well, thank you very much for saying so, Head of Marketing at 1610. Happy to hear it!

Project Deliverables for 1610