Omni Productions

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Omnifarious is a grouping of three companies - Omni Digital, Omni Creative, and Omni Productions.

Omni Productions needed a new website and I worked at Omni Digital at the time.

I worked directly with the Omni Productions team to work up a set of responsive designs within Figma that communicated the no-BS approach they have with their projects, but also the beautiful work they complete for the many household-name clients they have in their portfolio.

Due to the organisational difficulty of previously working on 1610 at Omni Digital, I designed and introduced a document called the "engineering prototype", which was adopted company-wide thereafter. This document functions as a design-agnostic, navigable prototype, which outlines templates, components, and their parts, settles URL structure, solves the ever-present naming-of-things problem, and generally works to get everyone on the team on the same figurative page.

I built the Omni Productions' website with Omni Digital's front-end framework, Tenet, the static framework Hugo, which I plumbed into Netlify CMS, which all gets built and hosted automagically when changes are detected on the Github repo, via Netlify.

I completed the design, and implemented both the front and back-end, single-handedly.

Project Deliverables for Omni Productions