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A brilliant app from Pinkfroot that tracks air traffic throughout the world. Not only that, but you can follow fights, get flight info, plane info, and a whole lot more. It's huge.

I'm lucky to have a long-running professional relationship with Pinkfroot that's spanned the last 8 or so years. I was originally brought in to rework their web app, which then progressed into a redo of their iOS apps. My work on these older projects aren't included here, as 8-year-old iOS apps do not tend to age well, but I still think the plane icons and app icon work looks sharp enough to warrant a page in their own right.

Perhaps, more important to mention, each Christmas Pinkfroot takes great care to track Santa Christmas based on positional data from NORAD. I drew Santa Claus, and made a little audio jingle to play when he moves location. It's definitely a neat thing to work on.

Project Deliverables for Planefinder