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The fantastic, Bath-based Our Name is Mud hired me for a one month contract to help finish a project during an especially busy run up to Christmas.

The one months I spent at Mud turned out to be a great learning experience, and is still the most pivotal part of my front-end development career so far.

Until starting this contract, I hadn't gained any experience with templating languages, I hadn't ever developed towards someone else's designs before (the quality of the design work was top-notch at Mud), I hadn't picked up and worked on someone else's codebase, nor had I used a development framework to build sites with before, either.

I was lucky to find Mud's patient and generous development team who helped me get on track with their technology stack which, on the first day, felt like a mountain to climb, and I'm afraid of heights!

I learned their build tools, their templating language of choice (Twig), and the CMS they used (Craft CMS), and by week two, I was rocking on building numerous modular, responsive, BEM-namespaced blocks within Fractal, for their back-end team to plug into the CMS.

The many things I learned whilst working on St Monica Trust's website have helped me in every project, and every job I've had since.

If you'd like to check it out, head on over and visit St Monica Trust.

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