Concert Consulting

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Whilst working at Concert Consulting, I worked on a wide spread of contracts, and was able to contribute to many different in-house and client-facing projects.

Building upon what I'd learned in my previous contract at Our Name is Mud, a lot of the work I had completed for Concert Consulting was within Craft CMS, the Twig templating language, and within the build tools built with Gulp.

I was able to fully modernise the project build tools by:

  • completely rewriting the build tool suite with NPM scripts
  • adding image optimisation, for both raster and vector image types
  • adding SCSS linting, vendor-prefixing, concatenation, and compression
  • adding Javascript linting, concatenation, and compression
  • adding typography and responsive-development mixins
  • adding browser-sync, along with a minimal hardware testing suite

By having accumulated years of experience as a front-end designer, I was able to be on-hand to lend any needed design advice to the talented, but mostly print-based, design team, especially where interaction and current web tech was concerned.

I worked directly with Concert's Head of Digital, and their sole back-end developer, along with the design team, to complete tasks and projects in a modular fashion, increasing the ease of maintainability in the future.

Concert's front-end tasks varied widely, and sat mostly behind company portals and log-in pages, so instead of showing the work, please find a sprinkling of logos for the companies and organisations I delivered work for in the deliverables section below.

Project Deliverables for Concert Consulting