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If you're like me, you might not have realised Roman blinds were so complicated!

I can hardly blame you - How many folds should you have? How do you calculate the size of your folds? How much space will the stacked blind need? How do I work out how much the blind with cost to make? The list cascades onwards.

Furthermore, to make them from measurements, fabric, thread, voodoo, and magic is another level of complexity on top of that. This is why Roman Blind Wizard was created - because mere mortals should be able to make Roman blinds, too.

It's a paid service that:

"...takes care of the tricky mathematics to produce a detailed workroom instruction sheet, specifying fabric cutting sizes, exact rod pocket positions, cord drop positions, and hardware requirements."Roman Blind Wizard

Roman Blind Wizard has been running for years and, like with every other website, the time came to give it a bit of a tune up. I was brought on-board by Redtech Software Solutions to build a front-end that was responsive and fresh.

The project also required a new logo, a revamping of their forms (which is how members enter their specifications and details), photography to appear on the site, and a slew of illustrations for the FAQ to illustrate and instruct the preparation and assembly of a Roman blind, which you can see in action here.

Head on over to the live site for a full look.

Project Deliverables for Roman Blind Wizard