Military Radars

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A set of 3D models for various military radar systems, typically used to track targets for separate weapons platforms.

The first is the AN MPQ-55, an Improved Continuous Wave Acquisition Radar used in conjunction with the Raytheon MIM-23 HAWK missile battery.

The second is the SON-9 "Fire Can", a type of Russian/Soviet fire director radar for 57 mm and 100 mm anti-aircraft guns. It was widely employed during the Vietnam war.

The third is the Skyguard Radar, used in conjunction with two twin 35mm gun platforms in low-altitude flight zones.

Built for military simulation applications, contracted by Simthetiq, who provide best-in-class simulation services for the civil aviation, defense and industrial fields.

This project required several LOD meshes, a damaged variant (not shown), and a texture set including diffuse, specular and ambient occlusion maps.

Project Deliverables for Military Radars