Planefinder 3D

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Pinkfroot approached me in need of some brand new assets for a familiar-sounding app, with a twist - Planefinder 3D, a companion app to the fly-away hit Planefinder.

I'd previously drawn up a number of plane markers and icons for their flagship app Planefinder, but this time Pinkfroot had ideas for some of these markers to be made in 3D, something I'd a bunch of experience with via previous parts of my career.

I massively enjoyed working on the top-down two dimensional icons, and was thrilled to be able to work on the 3D versions.

There was a great spread of different air vehicles for me to get into, from the gigantic Boeing 747-B, to the quintisentially cute Cessner 172. Each aircraft had it's own unique and interesting shapes, and building each, plus LOD meshes, and providing albedo, reflectivity and normal maps, along with a colour mask, helped acheive a clean, consistent aesthetic style across a wide range of disparately-shaped 3D models.

If this sounds cool to you, the engineers at Pinkfroot hooked it up to Apple's ARKit, to enable it's use with augmented reality. Way, way cool:

Project Deliverables for Planefinder 3D